4 Tools For Quick Market Validation

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Market validation is a crucial first step before spending a lot of time and money rolling out a new product. The process lets you prove out the various elements of your business model before you launch, so you can reach customers in a predictable way.

When it comes to market validation, it’s all about your target customer. Are you reaching the right people? How do get enough of them? How do you learn quickly so you can build the right product and go to market with the wind at your back?

Brian Gladstein is a market testing expert who has helped dozens of companies through this critical phase of product development. He will discuss some of the best tools available for quickly reaching your target customers and validating the most important aspects of your product and your go-to-market strategy.

The applications covered in this webcast include:

for testing user experiences
for assessing messaging coherence
for connecting with experts in any given field
for consumer surveys

We’re always looking to cover a few more – what would you like to see? Please add a comment and suggest another app that helps you do rapid market validation, and we’ll do our best to discuss it!

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Webcast Details

Duration: 33 minutes
Presenter: Brian Gladstein, Principal & Founder at Explorics. Brian founded Explorics to help enterpreneurs and intrapreneurs build stronger ties between their products and the communities they serve.
Who Should Attend: Product managers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to engage new customers and build innovative business models.
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