Alt Star: Support is great, collaboration is even better

  We’re officially a week away from NBA All Star Weekend. And, if you’ve never experienced an All Star weekend, it’s quite the phenomenon–much more than just a massive showcase of the greatest basketball players on the planet.   The all-star game itself might be the reason for the weekend, but everyone knows the game […]

The Consumerization of B2B Marketing: Buying Goes Decentralized

    If you haven’t checked out my last post on the consumerization of B2B marketing, I talked about the role of branding in B2B marketing and introduced the idea that in B2B, there are actually two marketing funnels. The first funnel deals with the individual and describes the process for getting on the radar […]

Four Key Marketing Lessons from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

It’s always a pleasure when one of your work duties aligns perfectly with your personal passion. Before transitioning into the agency world, I spent years grinding it out in the music industry as a drummer in the hardcore scene. Music and drumming remain a huge part of who I am, so naturally, I was thrilled […]

Reporting & Analytics: The What vs The Why

    Recently I’ve been encountering some misperception between reporting and analytics. I think the confusion exists because both reporting and analytics can derive from the same source data. To make a good analysis, you might leverage a presentation of data that looks an awful lot like a report. The main difference is:   Reports […]

Band/Brand Collaboration: Tivoli Audio + Boston Music Awards

  THUNDERS & WATT believes that music can provide a unique connection for brands in ways that other points of activation cannot. The bottom line is that music enhances everything. Think about it, if you’re in a great mood and walking to the club and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” comes up on your playlist, you […]

Six Trends Emerge From The Outdoor Retailer Winter Show

    I recently spent 3 days at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, along with thousands of others attending the Winter Market Outdoor Retailer Show (OR) to see what’s new in the industry and what’s coming down the pipeline for fall and winter of 2016/2017. The show, as usual, was a […]

Why B2B Marketing Is Looking More Like Consumer Marketing Every Day

As a long-time B2B marketer, the term “branding” was, for years, simply not in my lexicon. Sure—branding had been part of my standard marketing education at business school along with concepts like E. Jerome McCarthy’s Four Ps of Marketing and Michael Porter’s Five Forces. However, as a B2B marketer focusing on early-stage and growth-stage businesses, […]

Snapchat Matures: Should Marketers Pay (for) Attention?

Snapchat is having (another) moment and marketers should get on board. This time the buzz is being driven by DJ Khaled, a long-time radio personality and music producer best known for a string of pop/hip-hop hits over the past five years. As I first observed when my friend Casey showed me the platform a few […]

The Marketing Experience You Didn’t Know You Had

Gaining experience as a marketer begins well before you enter the ‘real world’ or start your first ‘real’ job. As a teenager, I landed jobs based on convenience, not career aspirations. However, I now look back and see a strong correlation between those first few gigs and the principles that drive my current marketing philosophy. I often speak with job seekers […]

The Ultimate Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Survival Guide

In my last post, I mentioned the dichotomy that is attending the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show (OR). It’s an intense 3 or 4 days depending on how aggressive you’re feeling. With over 50,000 attendees and thousands of exhibitors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This weekend will be my third time attending OR and I’d like […]