Three Key Takeaways from the TechWomen | TechGirls Luncheon

TechWomen|TechGirls is a forum focused on building a strong community of women enthusiastic about technology and supporting efforts for young women to explore STEM careers. Launched only two years ago, this community of women has become an integral part of the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s outreach and engagement activities. One of the goals of […]

After Advocamp: Who Is the Advocate Marketer?

  First off I have to say—hats off to Influitive for putting on an amazing show. When Jim Williams, CMO of Influitive, welcomed the 800-ish guests to Advocamp in San Francisco last week, he said that Advocamp would be “the best conference we all go to all year.” I have to admit—I chuckled at the […]

Preparing For Advocamp: Why This Conference Is the Future of Marketing

  In a few days I’ll be headed to the second annual Advocamp, the biggest customer experience, engagement and advocacy event of the year. Hosted by our long-time partner Influitive, I found this to be an amazingly informative and inspiring event last year and I’m looking forward to even more fun with Counselor Buck this […]

How a Strong Brand Boosts B2B Demand—And Content—And Events—And Morale…

    Join our webcast. Wednesday, February 24, 2016 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT)     Lately, I’ve been on a kick talking about how B2B marketing is looking more and more like consumer marketing. It all started with a post I wrote discussing the different ways that buying centers in B2B make decisions—specifically […]

The Consumerization of B2B Marketing: Buying Goes Decentralized

    If you haven’t checked out my last post on the consumerization of B2B marketing, I talked about the role of branding in B2B marketing and introduced the idea that in B2B, there are actually two marketing funnels. The first funnel deals with the individual and describes the process for getting on the radar […]

Why B2B Marketing Is Looking More Like Consumer Marketing Every Day

As a long-time B2B marketer, the term “branding” was, for years, simply not in my lexicon. Sure—branding had been part of my standard marketing education at business school along with concepts like E. Jerome McCarthy’s Four Ps of Marketing and Michael Porter’s Five Forces. However, as a B2B marketer focusing on early-stage and growth-stage businesses, […]

Harnessing Your Customer’s Inner Fan

  Whether we realize it or not, we’re all fans of something. Fandom is an essential part of our identities and a key ingredient to our everyday social interactions. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to learn about their favorite things—sports teams, bands, restaurants, movies, places to visit, etc.   […]

1BAND 1BRAND: Top 6 Musicians of Apple Ads

As a brand, Apple has managed to flex its taste making muscles over the years. For multiple artists, having a song featured in an Apple campaign has proven to be a career altering phenomenon–not only exposing the artist to the masses, but also serving as validation of the artist’s relevance and talent.   Last week, […]

How To Rescue A Struggling Advocacy Program

A well-run advocacy program has the incredible ability to align your customers’ objectives with your own. Your success is their success, and vice versa. When the community excels, every member reaps the benefits. It’s a lofty goal, but the corporate landscape is littered with companies who are fantastic at this. Great successes like and Splunk are […]

VMware and VIF: A Great Example of Authentic Advocacy

Do you believe marketing can be authentic?   In an age of paid endorsements and social shills, is the honest recommendation of a happy customer still able to cut through the clutter? Or have savvy buyers completely tuned them out?   It’s been said that people trust 4-star reviews more than 5-star reviews, because they think […]