Instagram Algorithm: A death knell for organic advertising?

  Recently, Instagram rolled out updates to its platform. Updates that will use an algorithm to tailor people’s feeds. The stated rationale behind this move is that people only currently see 30% of the posts from the accounts they follow. This algorithm will supposedly surface more of the content that people want to see so […]

The Road Less Traveled: Mapping a Course for Success

  Sitting atop the summit, you take in the view. They say on the clearest day you can see all the way to Massachusetts.   You take a bite from a sandwich and a sip of water. At this point, your legs feel like jelly, but nothing compares to the reward of crushing the mountain […]

A Time of Unbound Potential

    As planners and strategists, we live in a time of unbound potential, seemingly infinite streams of big data to inform our efforts. Smarter technologies to collect and synthesize the disparate and unfathomable intelligence at-large, providing a structured and actionable output to enlighten our thinking. These days, we are provided innumerable tools to test […]

The Draft: Your Source for Sport Marketing Insight

The Draft explores the ever evolving landscape of the sports world. We’ll keep you informed on the highlights (and even the pitfalls) of the sports industry and analyze what’s going on at the collegiate and professional levels. And, of course, we’ll also take a look at what individual athletes are up to–since they’re not already […]

Instagram for Business: Class is in Session!

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network with over 200 million users, 60 million photos posted daily and higher user engagement than both Facebook and Twitter. Instagram, however, is more than just compelling pictures. It’s a unique vehicle that can be used to increase the post-purchase celebration of your brand. Brands must come up […]

4 Reasons to Attend Grouphigh’s Outreach Marketing Summit

I’m thrilled to be presenting at Grouphigh’s Outreach Marketing Summit on Tuesday, September 23. This is an all day online conference from 9am – 6pm that you can tune into at your leisure and choose which presentation you’d like, in order to gain insight into all things influencer, content and social media marketing. Did I […]

Marketers: Don’t Sleep on Snapchat

Snapchat is not just a tool for teenagers to share messages they don’t want their parents to see. While that continues to be one use, Snapchat is evolving into a multimedia storytelling platform that presents a unique opportunity for brands, artists, journalists, media outlets and more. Here’s why the founders turned down a few billion […]

Friends with Benefits: Brands & Artists Need Each Other More Than Ever

  In today’s media environment, brands have a tough time breaking through the clutter. To do so, they must create a constant stream of content that is authentic, engaging, and entertaining. However, most brands are in the business of creating products and services, not content. For these brands, the best place to look for inspiration […]

What Marketers Can Learn from VHS Rental Stores in the 80’s

Marketers could learn a lot by revisiting the values and tactics employed by VHS rental stores in the 80s and 90s. Everything changed the day my father hooked up our first VCR. Prior to this TV was as fleeting as SnapChat (hat tip, Gary Vaynerchuk) and the only place to watch a movie outside of live […]

Monday Inspiration

Here’s another Monday morning coffee date with a shot of creative adrenaline to pump you up for the week!   Platform Updates Facebook is removing like gates: Businesses beware, as Facebook will soon shut down the like-gate for pages.    This means that companies will need to get even more creative to incentivize people to like a […]