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A Refreshing Take on Marketing

We're GYK Antler, a leading marketing innovation company bringing fresh ideas that deliver real results. Our work across the beverage industry – as well as food, fashion, lifestyle, music and more – gives us a unique perspective few agencies can offer.

From new products to established companies and heritage brands, our marketing strategies help beverage businesses in any stage gain awareness, engage consumers and build sales. We have hands-on experience with all facets of the business, from branding to distribution, retail sales and promotions. Heck, we even brew our own beer. This holistic understanding of the beverage landscape makes us the perfect partner for all of your branding and marketing needs.

Sometimes our brewing process results in beer, but most of the time it results in a marketing strategy and tactics that help our clients grow their business. 

Now that you've seen our brewing process, come sample our complete offering:

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Sample Beverage Portfolio:

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