Meet Jon Gaffney

Prior to joining the GYK Antler team, Jon Gaffney’s experience ranges pretty far and wide. He ran digital marketing for Vibram, a soling and footwear company, in Concord, MA for a few years back when minimalist running was hot and no one had heard of CrossFit. Then, he spent three years on the agency side working on strategy for adidas, Lego, Reebok, HBO, and Royal Caribbean amongst others. Last year he freelanced on digital strategy and writing while taking a road trip around the US. And, now, he’s the Senior Brand Strategist here at GYK Antler. To get to know Jon a little bit better, we tossed a few questions his way.
What excites you most about GYK Antler?
The blend of good brands, good people, and a desire to grow as a company. To come in at a time when the agency is growing fast and doing intriguing work is a great position to be in.
You lived in a van for year, correct? Is is safe to say that remains one of the proudest accomplishments in your life?
I did indeed spend a year living out of a van. Making the trip a reality is certainly something I’m proud of. It was well worth the challenge of getting it started and keeping it going. I’m also pretty proud of my apartment, because the option to shower every day is awesome as well.

You’re passion for the outdoors is obvious. How do you stay active in that industry/community?
My time with Vibram really immersed me into the outdoor industry as well as some of the freelance writing I started at the time. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some great people along the way and many of them have gone on to new and exciting places within the outdoors. Keeping in touch with them and meeting new people through them is a constant reminder of the innovation and exciting things happening within the industry. Getting outside and actually doing stuff keeps me pumped about the reason the industry exists.
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