7 Reasons To Become A Twitter Chat Pro

Twitter chats. What exactly are they? Awesome, that’s what!

More specifically, Twitter chats are question-based discussions centered on a certain topic and organized around a hashtag. They typically last an hour, feature between five and ten questions and are open to anyone who wants to participate.

A few months ago, we started participating in some Twitter chats with the company account, and the results have been nothing but positive. What are the benefits, you ask? Let us explain.

7 Reasons To Become A Twitter Chat Pro

1. You’ll expand your network. Cocktail parties are all well and good on their own, but the reason most businesspeople attend them is for what? Networking. Well, if you buy into the idea that Twitter is a cocktail party, a Twitter chat is a cocktail party within that cocktail party. If you intrigue and entertain during any Twitter chat, you’ll come away with a few new followers who won’t just see your blog links and event promotions every day – they’ll actually read and share them as well!


2. You’ll encounter new ideas on the topic. Think you know everything about marketing, or sales, or whatever your role within your company is? Wrong. No one can know everything – that’s the entire point of conversation. Seeking out talented individuals who work in the same field as you is the best way to learn new tricks and improve yourself as a professional. And with Twitter chats, you don’t even have to get off your butt to do it!

3. You’ll encounter new tools for your own Twitter use. One thing that people in Twitter chats love to do is talk about the newest Twitter toys they’ve found to make it easier to unlock the full potential of the social network with the least difficulty and the most efficiency. If you’re worried that you or your company aren’t using Twitter as well as you could be, just hop into a few Twitter chats and see what tools everyone is touting.


4. You’ll hone your engagement skills. People always say that businesses need to use Twitter to “engage the audience.” What exactly does that mean? And how exactly do you go about doing it? By participating in Twitter chats, you’ll get a view of engagement at its finest – multiple people engaged in interesting conversation in topics about which they are all passionate. General statements followed by replies, followed by replies to the replies from people to whom the first reply wasn’t directed…. it’s fun stuff. Plus, if you really connect with the right people, you may even find some future clients or business partners in the chats!

5. You’ll learn how to stand out in a crowd. Part of the fun of a Twitter chat is seeing how a group of people responds to your 140-character attempts at insight and advice. When one of your little factoids of nuggets gets retweeted by multiple participants in the chat, it’s not only a nice symbol of validation – it’s an opportunity to learn how to make your more general tweets aimed at your entire following stand out from the rest. Take note of which of your tweets earns reactions and which go ignore for insight on the proper way to craft your message and make all of your tweets as eye-catching as possible.


6. You’ll build Twitter camaraderie. Here at Explorics, we talk a lot about getting brand loyalists to help you with your marketing. One of the best ways to find people who really dig what you do and want to help you out is through Twitter chats. Build up a rapport with your fellow chatters, familiarize yourself with what they do and what type of content they produce, and if you have mutual respect, become each other’s advocates! You may even get #FollowFriday official within a few weeks.

7. You’ll have fun! No two ways about it – Twitter chats are fun!


5 of our favorite Twitter chats:

  1. #SMXChat – Tuesdays at 3 EST – @SMXChat
  2. #SMChat – Wednesdays at 1 EST – various moderators
  3. #HBRogue – Thursdays at 1 EST – @JakeW12401
  4. #KaizenBiz – Fridays at noon EST – @KaizenBizChat
  5. #SciChat – Fridays at 2 EST – @Hubspot

See you there!

Anything to add? We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below. 

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  • Joy Guthrie says:

    Great post on favorite twitter chats! I find twitter chats to be an immense learning place (in rapid fire). I so wish I could take full credit for #HBRogue. It’s a true collaborative effort. Our team lead is Jake Willis @jakew12401. Jake is the figure behind @hbrogue1 most of the time. Kavita Chintapalli @kavita1010 does all the chat recaps and a significant amount of promotion and participation in the chat. Judy Gombita @jgombita has developed the majority of the chat topics and does a significant amount of promotion & participation in the chat. Together, we call ourselves the Petey team (after the avatar’s mascot). Thanks so much for the #HBRogue chat shout-out! I agree (but, I’m biased) that its a really great chat.

  • Thank you so much for the mention of the Twitter chat, #KaizenBiz. As host of the chat, I often encourage the KaizenFolk (members of the KaizenBiz community) to connect offline as well. This networking has allowed people to take advantage of work opportunities at home and abroad.

    Two more reasons to take part in Twitter chats are education and inspiration. #KaizenBiz did a chat on gamification which introduced and inspired one of our community members to use it in her business during a new product launch. It turned out to be a winner for her.

    • zachtyler says:

      Thanks for the response Elli! I totally agree that Twitter chats bring a new form networking opportunities someone can participate from practically anywhere. It’s great to hear people are putting to practice the tips they hear while apart of these chats.

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