Brands don’t evolve quickly by nature. So when the changing consumer landscape begins to outpace their ability to stay relevant, a more rapid evolution is often needed. A sharp turn that realigns the brand, hones its message, and guides it into the future—all while remaining true to its past.

We call it the “pivot point.” And it’s what we’re built for.

As a mid-size, independent, full-service marketing agency headquartered in New Hampshire, our hundred or so technologists, creatives, strategists, data hounds, and media planners understand what it takes to shift a brand into new territory. Because we never shy away from responsibly disrupting the status quo—even when it comes to our own agency. Whether it’s gutting a textile mill to create our ideal content studio, or bringing Emmy Award-winning video producers in-house, we embrace the “Live Free or Die” mentality, follow our passions, and tap into their collective power to create positive, measurable change for our clients.

At GYK Antler, our hearts and brains are always working together, and that’s what makes our work so impactful.

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

Our commitment to surrounding ourselves with the brightest and most creative people gives us the flexibility we need to future-proof our company. Committing to the 7 Ps of the Evergreen Philosophy ensures that we’re focusing on the now with our eyes on what’s next, which works in everyone’s favor.




This isn’t just our job. It’s an integral part of our lives. We’re connected to every aspect of the industry on a personal level. Our passions fuel our decisions, from hiring the best talent to working with partners we truly believe in (and who truly believe in us).



In this industry, change can be constant and uncomfortable. That discomfort is something we lean into. It’s our job to take that weight off our clients’ shoulders so they can go back to running their businesses.


3People First

We genuinely care about how our employees feel, what they think, and what they love to do outside of work. We see company culture as an investment that will make our work stronger.



We’re an open book with our team about company and client goals. We view our senior management not as untouchable forces, but as engaged resources. And we have an open-door policy to make decisions as a team with a focus on our clients’ bottom line.



Independence is the fiber of this company. Maintaining this independence (and declaring it) gives us the flexibility to make whatever adjustments necessary to set our partners up for success.


6Paced Growth

We set our own benchmarks. The upward growth of our company is a strategy we’ve put time and consideration into. We don’t bite off more than we can chew—unless it’s a dry-aged tomahawk.


7Pragmatic Innovation

Innovation is not a once in a while thing. A continuous improvement process built around calculated risks allows us to embrace ideas that are bold and unexpected.

The way it’s always been done doesn’t interest us.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in honesty, transparency and diversification. We openly share our business results with our employees, and we expect every team member to understand the performance of our agency, our clients, and the campaigns we manage.

As our company evolves and expands, so do the services we offer, the industries we serve, and the geographies we work in. We’ve grown large enough to add unique specialists into our mix while proactively maintaining our broader views, keeping our core services and skills intact.


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