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We’re a fiercely independent modern marketing agency made up of creative entrepreneurs who solve problems and drive results.
And to us “Live Free or Die” isn’t just a motto, it’s the philosophy we bring to every brand partnership, every project, and every problem we approach.
Because when you stay free to innovate, evolve, and create, death is never even an option.
How We Think.
We’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. One that’s always solving, always evolving, always creating, and never satisfied.
The result is a willingness to create big, bold solutions. To question the way things have always been done. To speak our mind when everyone else is content to go with the flow. To take a chance on something we believe in.
To us it’s not enough to check the boxes.
We’re always on the lookout for new boxes, too.
What We Offer.
In a word? Everything.
In a few more words? Everything you need and nothing you don’t.
As an independent, full-service marketing agency we have the freedom, the capabilities, and the expertise to do it all. But we have the common sense to know we don't have to.
Because we know that sometimes solving your problem takes every team in the house, and sometimes it only takes one.
Instead of Scope of Work, we stay focused on Scope of Problem.
Strategy & Planning.
Art & Copy.
Content Capture & Creation.
Broadcast & Video Production.
Digital Design & Development.
Social & Community Management.
Media Planning & Buying.
Hosting, Support & Maintenance.
Data & Analytics.
Branding & Identity.
We can answer your brand’s deep existential questions, like “Who is our audience?”, “What Pantone color represents inclusivity?”, and “Is a talking water purifier the right mascot?” Not every question is as nuanced as those, but we can answer even the simplest, like “Do we need a new logo?” We’re an agency filled with branding experts, and we’ve spent years helping everyone from legacy brands to scrappy upstarts find their voices, their looks, and yes, their Pantone spirit animals.
Content & Storytelling.
Full broadcast production team. Dedicated and flexible studio space. Complete post-production suites. Forget outsourcing; we insource. Content’s a malleable thing. One minute it’s a quick hit social photography campaign; the next, it’s a full blown broadcast campaign with network product placement and a recipe series. Thankfully we’ve got the people, the resources, and *ahem* the Emmys to produce either, and everything in between.
Media & Analytics.
If a campaign launches and no one measures it, does it make an impact? Without effective measurement tools, you may as well be shouting your brand’s message into the void. We make sure we have the full picture so we can help your brand make the right moves. We have the tools, teams, and tracking that all work together to make sure your media dollars go to the right place and help drive your business results.
Our Pillars.
By understanding your Scope of Problem we are always better suited to meet your needs. To that end, we specialize in three pillar offerings that help our clients build stronger, more authentic relationships with their consumers based on the challenges they face.
As a fiercely independent modern marketing agency, Live Free or Die is more than just a motto.
It’s the philosophy we bring to every brand partnership, every project, and every problem we need to solve.
Because when you’re free to innovate, evolve, and create, death is never even an option.
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We're Creative Entrepreneurs
The kind of people
who don’t just march
to the beat of a
different drum, but make
the drum themselves.
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