Ad Age: 14 Agency Hacks To Keep and Motivate Your Best Talent

Advertising Age asked our President/CEO Travis York and other industry leaders about their best talent hacks to help build employee loyalty. Sure, we have office kegs (for beer and nitro cold brew). And, yes, a fair share of employees bring in their office dogs. But, Travis shared a more substantive tactic for retaining and empowering talent. Here’s Travis’s “talent hack”:

Open Up The Books

Employees at marketing and advertising agency GYK Antler are offered financial transparency. “We will literally share everything except salaries,” says President-CEO Travis York of the Manchester, N.H.-based shop. The opportunity to know exactly how well teams are performing, not to mention the health of the overall business, helps employees understand the value of their own contributions, which helps the bottom line. Just as importantly, he says, employees gain a more intimate appreciation of the reasoning behind certain leadership decisions.


Read the full Advertising Age article to learn more about what agencies are doing to build loyalty.



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