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Continuing in the tradition of GY&K Antler’s live brewing events, we’re excited to host another #BrewDown on Thursday, September 19 at our Boston office. At our #BrewDown events, we sample our office-brewed GY&K Antler beer, brew another batch on site, and showcase a local craft beer.

For Thursday’s #BrewDown, we’re thrilled to be featuring Peak Organic Brewing Company from Portland, ME. They’ll be on site sampling their line of stellar beers, and offering some serious beer knowledge.

I recently caught up with Peak Organic Co-Owner, Craig Theisen, to gain some insight on his brand:

How did Peak Organic Brewing Company begin?
In short, we started as a bunch of buddies home brewing through college and decided to take it to the next level and start the company based on sourcing local and organic ingredients. We discovered that you don’t need to sacrifice flavor for sustainability, but that better ingredients actually made the beer more delicious.

What makes Peak Organic the best beer out there?
Pure Ingredient. Delicious beer. We source 60% of our ingredients (hops, barley, Malts, wheat, etc) from local farmers throughout the northeast. We use these pure ingredients and maintain a commitment to being innovative with styles. This makes the Peak line-up a great choice for the craft beer drinker.

What does it mean to you to be based out of New England?
Being a brewer in New England is amazing due to all the great breweries we are surrounded by. The craft beer consumer in New England is very knowledgeable which makes it enjoyable and challenging to keep producing new and delicious beers to compete in the industry.

What is the biggest challenge you face from a marketing stand point?
Some consumers are afraid of the word organic and think it is not going to taste as good as a traditional beer or will be very expensive. Both of which are not true, and once people try it and see the price point, they are amazed. Also, competing in an industry that continues to grow rapidly really keeps you on your toes of creative ways to stand out and keep producing amazing beers that people want.

Looking back, can you recall a specific moment of innovation that had the biggest impact on your business?
There has been a tremendous amount of learning that has taken place over the last 7 years with Peak, but there is not one thing that can be stated specifically that had the “biggest” impact. Each day is an adventure and we love the challenge.

What will you be sampling at #BrewDown?
Nut Brown: Our Nut Brown Ale starts out very smooth, like an English-style Brown Ale. The use of Chocolate Malt, Munich Malt, and Hallartau Hops give this beer a crisp, nutty finish. Peak Nut Brown is a delectable beer loaded with complex, differentiated flavors that don’t overwhelm the palate, making it a perfect dark beer for food pairing.

Fall Summit: This autumn ale is a showcase of the mighty Summit™ hop. Our friend Jason grows amazing Summits that combine pine, spice and captivating citrus aromas. A good dose of toasted malts provides warm, rich flavors to contrast the hops on the front palate. Cold fermentation gives a surprisingly crisp finish. We hope you enjoy this unique fall brew.

Fresh Cut: Be it from a tractor or a lawnmower, you know that joy of a Fresh Cut field. This dry-hopped pilsner is for that next moment, relaxing in your hammock with a crisp, re-Freshing beer with surprising, yet enjoyable hop-bite.

IPA: This unique India Pale Ale features our favorite hops—Simcoe®, Amarillo® and Nugget. A generous Amarillo and Simcoe dry hop provide for an assertive, hop-forward nose and front palate. We don’t use traditional bittering hops in our IPA, providing nothing but stimulating citrus and floral characteristics.

Hop Noir: Hop Noir is a delectable Black IPA, dripping with piney, aromatic Centennial hops. The malt base is dark and rich, anchored by organic black malt. This provides a strong foundation for the extravagant kettle hopping and dry-hopping that this beer experiences. Enjoy with a night-light.

#BrewDown will be taking place at our GY&K Antler office located at 181 South St, Boston, MA 02111 on Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 6-8:00PM. Hope to see you there: RSVP HERE

Which style of beer are you most excited to sample?


Luke Bonner is the Marketing Coordinator at GY&K Marketing. Connect with him @LukeyBonner

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