New Hampshire Tourism
Winter Weather Alerts
New Hampshire tourism needed a way to promote peak weather conditions for skiing in order to attract visitors from nearby urban markets, particularly when the weather in those nearby markets might not match the perfect skiing conditions occurring in New Hampshire.
Forecast the weather.
Leveraging user-generated content and branding it under a “Powder Patrol” content series, we showcased real-time weather conditions across the state to encourage out-of-state audiences to visit. Additionally we coordinated our media efforts with weather patterns, pushing social and display ads and digital billboards 24 hours ahead of storms in order to encourage people to start planning their snow day getaway.
  • Our FY 17-18 media buying was extremely efficient, with NH Tourism paying just $0.29 per aware household.
  • For every $1 invested in media, our campaign returned $270 in visitor spending (significantly higher than the industry average of $170).
  • Additionally, for every $1 invested in media, the state continues to see a return of $15 in rooms and meals tax revenue.
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