Content Marketing Through Storytelling

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This week our EVP of Broadcast/Digital Video, Matt Doyle, will be joining Fox Sports’ Gabe Goodwin and ESPN’s Kenny Mayne for a keynote session at the Videonomics Summit. Their discussion will span different aspects of branded content, and they will share the best (and worst) practices from a network, talent, brand and agency/production perspective. They will also touch on the nuances of creating high quality content through storytelling while achieving the strategic goals of a brand. Here’s a quick overview of some topics the panel will address.

Evolution of Brand Storytelling

Like much in the modern marketing world, brand storytelling has undergone an extreme evolution. Long gone are the simpler times where a television commercial was the champion piece for a brand. Today, brands start with bigger picture, longer form narratives, which then lead to chunked down commercials and digital/social videos. Now, national commercials are often used as tools to drive people to the longer forms of content across digital platforms and social channels where brands can have deeper, more meaningful engagement with potential consumers.

Ease of Access

The barrier to produce and consume video is at an all-time low. We access 4k video on our phones on a daily basis through a variety of platforms, feature films have been shot using iPhones, and we devote a hefty portion of our online activity to video consumption. As such, marketers need to find consumers in places where they are already playing.
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Savvy Consumers

Today, we are all more savvy about advertising than ever before. We know when we’re being marketed to. And, if that marketing is interrupting or delaying us from doing or seeing something we want, we don’t like it. In fact, nearly one third of consumers believe that they can’t be influenced by marketing no matter the medium.* Combined with an increased use of ad-blocking software, brands’ content not only needs to be engaging but also nondisruptive to consumers’ viewing experiences.

Provide Value

With so much new content constantly being created, how do you break through to consumers? By creating content that a viewer wants to voluntarily seek out and consume. The best way to do this is by providing value to the viewer–entertainment, education, utility. Your content needs to legitimately serve the viewer in some way.

Brand Storytelling vs. Advertising

When it comes to branded entertainment, it’s important not to force feed brand messaging. Brand storytelling is different than advertising. Brands and agencies need to keep something very simple in mind: you’re speaking to consumers, not marketers. As such, it’s no surprise that agencies and brands are tapping into people who come from a journalism, long-form feature, documentarian background. These types of people have a slightly different perspective and skill set than classic marketers. Their storytelling expertise paired within the framework of an agency helps brands develop authentic connections with consumers through branded content.
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Who do you think has been killing it with branded video?

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(Source: Mintel Reports)