Ermahgerd Herrakhern Sanderrrr

Hurricane Sandy has touched down, and is delivering a whole lot of rainy, windy ass kicking to NYC and beyond. She may be one bitch of a Frankenstorm, but Sandy is doing her part distracting us from election fatigue while keeping hipster populations at bay.  So in honor of her greatness, and power pending, check out a few of our favorite Hurricane Sandy memes.

When you say it like that . . .

Quintessential Grease transformation

I am not a Frankenstein. I’m a Fronkensteen.

Ermahgerd Ets Sanderrrrrrrrrr

General consensus

Want to keep up-to-date on the storm? Go to Google Crisis Map for the rundown, or follow #instastorm to see how Sandy looks in the Kelvin filter.

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