Forbes: 5 Small Business Marketing Lessons from Billion-Dollar Brands (PayPal, Gap, Google, And More)

Forbes – Forbes recently published an article about how big businesses can struggle to retain the original essence that made them appealing in their early, scrappy days. For the article, Forbes reached out to industry leaders including our President and CEO Travis York for insight. Travis offered his own key lesson to big brands based on his own experience working with the most successful brands in the world:

Stick to Original Principles

“Any business that has a philosophy or set of deeply rooted values must remain grounded in their foundation,” says Travis York, CEO & President, GYK Antler, an independent marketing agency. They work with brands like ESPN, PayPal, Bauer, Sweet Baby Ray’s and Harpoon. “These underpinning values will allow the business to adapt and change their tactics or product mix without straying from their original vision. Across all of our businesses at GYK Antler and all the companies we choose to invest in or acquire, the root stays the same: we want to give people the opportunity to have creative outlets to express their passions. This is the key with all companies that are built on philosophy rather than just pushing a product or following a static business model.”
York continues: “The same philosophy that built Starbucks could have been applied to any product; it just so happens that coffee became the vehicle to personify a set of values, an ethos. We advise our clients to do the same. For example, we believed that PayPal was focusing too much on the ‘pay’ side of things and on their product. We encouraged them to embrace the ‘pal’ side of PayPal again and focus on the relationship and friendship side that they were rooted in.” Ask yourself how you can connect more to the values your brand represents and brainstorm with others who work with you day after day.
Check out the full article on Forbes for more small business marketing lessons from billion-dollar brands. READ MORE


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