Fortune-Telling: 2019 Marketing Predictions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re not talking holidays. ’Tis the season for marketers to publish their annual predictions — all the trends and must-dos to keep the clicks, likes and follows flowing. So if your resolutions include a healthy ROI in 2019, peer into our crystal ball and get in the game.

One-Second Spots

This new ad unit will be all the rage. Finally, a means to capturing consumers’ ever-shrinking attention spans. One and done.

“Tongue-Stopping” Content

Thousands of years of evolution will come to a halt when our thumbs are no longer needed for browsing and consuming Instagram food content. As sensory technology emerges, tasting is the new scrolling.

Brands Choreograph Fortnite Dances

As gaming grows and becomes a viable media avenue, popular Fortnite dances like “The Floss” and “Take the L” will make way for brand-sponsored dances like the Chevy Shuffle and T-Mobile Twist.

Say Hi to Generation AI

Move over millennials and Gen Zers. Artificial Intelligence is the new demographic on the block. Brands need to start marketing to robots and smart speakers before profits byte the dust.

Brands Get Brewing

In 2018, it was Dunkin’, IHOP and Planters with their own branded beers. In 2019, it just may be everything from Amazon Ale and Home Depot Hefeweizen to Puma IPA and Warby Parker Porter. If your brand doesn’t have a lager on the shelves, you better hop to it!

Will these marketing predictions come to fruition? Not if you don’t push the boundaries of your content creativity, they won’t. So if you’re looking to shake things up, or just need a boost thinking big and aligning engaging ideas to your goals in the new year, give us a shout.

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