How natural brands can take back their message

This OpEd was recently published by Michael Wachs in Food & Drink Magazine
Authenticity: a word that is thrown around among marketers so often and in so many different ways that it should have gone out of style by now. So why hasn’t it? In a world where consumers put little to no trust in traditional advertising messages, authenticity is still the most valuable asset a brand can have. Simply put, there’s no substitute for a brand story that feels true and trustworthy to people. No amount of spin can replace it.
This is especially true in the natural food market where a thoughtful consumer base isn’t searching for deals or even convenience, but instead is looking for purity, simplicity and an alternative to mass-produced products with unknowable backstories and obscure ingredient lists. In recent years, however, some smaller players in the natural or organic food market have been snatched up by larger CPG companies, many of which don’t share their values or at least are not thought of by consumers as trustworthy sources for natural products. At the same time, larger corporations have attempted to retrofit mass-market, highly processed products with the “all-natural,” health-centric messaging used for decades by natural food brands.
Michael Wachs is the Chief Creative Officer at GYK Antler.