How to order pizza in a Web 2.0 world

Posted by Michael, Griffin York & Krause Marketing Strategy

This Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, is the third most popular pizza delivery night of the year behind only Halloween and the Super Bowl, respectfully. This year, Americans have more solutions than ever when it comes to deciding the ways they would like to order their pizza. The nation’s three largest pizza chains, Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, are all making technological advancements to their ordering systems and consumers are benefiting. We finally live in a world where as consumers we do not have to directly interact with people via a phone call in order to get some stuffed crust sent directly to your home; this truly is an amazing country we live in.

Domino’s Pizza is projecting to deliver around 1.1 million pizzas to homes next Wednesday and is going to be receiving orders in a number of unique formats. Consumers who log onto will have the ability to place orders online by following their quick easy four step process, but what happens if you don’t have a computer nearby? Consumers, who are on the go and refuse to use their phones to call a Domino’s location, can instead order pizza via Domino’s new mobile ordering process. The mobile web site works similarly to the regular online version. Finally, if you are stuck on the couch without a phone, mobile phone or computer and happen to be watching television on your TiVo and feel the need to order pizza, stay there, don’t get up. Domino’s Pizza this week announced their new partnership with TiVo allowing consumers to order pizza via the on-demand television viewing service. Just another way Domino’s is giving consumers options to satisfy their hunger in 30 minutes or less.

Papa John’s, in order to encourage more consumers to use their online ordering technologies, are offering a free pizza for every consumer who purchases a pizza online and is a registered Papa John’s friend on Facebook. Within the first couple of days, Papa John’s saw the number of friends they had on Facebook grow from 10,000 to over 150,000, but they are still behind rival Pizza Hut’s 385,000 friends. The free pizza promotion is running up until Thanksgiving eve. Papa John’s, in addition to online ordering, offers a ton of unique ways to order pizza including their mobile technology, SMS messaging technique and widget application. Papa John’s offers more than 16 different types of widget applications that consumers can download onto their desktop or blog. The widgets allow Papa John consumers to order food quick and easy from their computer without having to go to their Web site.

Last, but by no means least, is the self-titled “America’s Favorite Pizza”, Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut allows consumers to order pizza online and via their mobile phones and have also jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. The Pizza Hut Facebook App allows friends of Pizza Hut to order pizza without having to leave the Facebook Web site. The Facebook App is just another way Pizza Hut is allowing consumers to order pizza without having to use the out-of-date telephone.

Pizza ordering will never be the same ever again. No longer can pizzerias expect consumers to call up and ask them to deliver a pizza to their house. It is far too much work, way too personal and not high tech enough for today’s web 2.0 society. Consumers want and need instant gratification and companies are going to keep providing technological options to feed consumer’s appetite, because we are living in the world where consumers, and not companies, have all the power.