Inbound Marketing: 10 Things That Never Get Said, But Should.

Here at Explorics, we wanted to gather useful unknown tidbits to share with our community concerning inbound marketing. We had Rob, our social media intern, pose the question, ‘What never gets said about inbound marketing but should?’ We were able to get responses from over a dozen marketing experts within the space. We’ve taken the best responses collected and have bundled them into a SlideShare presentation for you to check out below:

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1. Your content must be unique.

2. Success takes a long time.

3. It’s all about the bottom line.

4. If it’s not shared, it’s failed.

5. Enjoyable content > SEO

6. Large reach isn’t the end goal.

7. It’s about the company-prospect relationship.

8. You need to do your homework.

9. It requires very serious commitment.

10. Don’t harass your target.

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