Independent Influence: The Double Life of GYK Antler’s Luke Garro

By Kyle O’Brien (The Drum)
There’s a thing in the entertainment industry that everyone wants to be something else. Musicians want to act. Actors want to sing or direct. It’s the kinetic creative energy that fuels their dualities — and those “other lives” they want to lead. But what about a double life?
To wit, one rarely sees musicians wanting to be agency guys. But if you think about how creatives approach their respective crafts, having a punk drummer become a leader of an independent agency doesn’t seem too far off — and it’s a double life that actually makes a lot of sense.
Luke Garro is EVP of content at Boston and Manchester, NH independent marketing agency GYK Antler. He’s also the drummer for indie rock band Piebald, which just wrapped up its “You’re Part of It” reunion tour this year after their initial breakup in 2008. READ FULL ARTICLE FROM THE DRUM

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