CamelBak “Do What Fills You Up” Campaign in Little Black Book

In a new campaign – “Do What Fills You Up” – CamelBak and GYK tap a diverse and powerful group of brand ambassadors and visually arresting production techniques to transcend stereotypical representations of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts using water bottles and hydration packs, elevating the brand to a higher order: CamelBak is how you get hydrated, body and soul. No matter who you are or what you do to get centered, CamelBak wants you to fill up, so you can do what fills you up.

To generate brand and product breadth awareness, we produced four seasonal tentpole videos. The series illustrates the duality of activity + emotion and how that enables self-care, and the difference between what an activity looks like – versus what it feels like, all shot in infrared, giving the campaign an otherworldly technicolor vibe. 

  • A winter video features Zoe Kalapos, a 25-year-old professional snowboarder specializing in halfpipe
  • fall hiking video features Jenny Bruso, a writer and founder of Unlikely Hikers — a nationwide hiking community seeking to redefine the definition of “outdoorsy” to include all body sizes, ethnicities, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, neurodivergence and beyond
  • In support of PRIDE initiatives, a summer video features Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, a LGBTQIA+ advocate
  • spring travel video features Cliford Mervil, an adventure photographer and outdoor enthusiast born in Haiti

The campaign, concepted to seamlessly align with CamelBak’s overarching brand platform – “Thirst for More” – demonstrates the company’s commitment to accompanying every adventure and how they’re prioritizing inclusivity and representation in their marketing efforts. “Do What Fills You Up” represents a conscious departure from the idea that only high-intensity activities are worthy of being aspirational – because everyone’s journeys should be honored.

View the work in Little Black Book.

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