Liberal Media? … You decide.

posted by Holly, Griffin York & Krause Public Relations

I’ve been hearing alot lately the phrase “there goes that liberal media again” and it makes me chuckle a bit. Here’s why: I used to work for a television station that was often accused of being anything but – Mostly we were accused of being “too conservative” as opposed to liberal. This was, of course, during the time we had a Democratic governor in office and, if a story ran that could at ALL be looked upon as negative towards that governor, then the phone calls would start. Of course, there’s going to be bias in the media no matter how you slice it; however, I believe a true, good journalist will hide that bias, letting the viewer, reader, or listener make his or her own decision.

Is the general public truly swayed by the slant of the media? If I was an undecided voter in this election, and I was watching, oh, Fox News for example (who many would say lean towards the right), would I completely turn to the Republican camp? And the same would go for watching Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey truly captures the Sarah Palin persona. But does it, of course, with sarcasm and humor, which can make Governor Palin look not-so-smart in some sketches. But would a person watching SNL immediately think, “Wow, that Governor Palin must not be very intelligent. I must vote for the Obama-Biden ticket!”…?

I don’t think the American people are given enough credit. I think we’re smart enough to make up our own minds – and no liberal OR conservative bias will easily sway us.

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