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Here’s another Monday morning coffee date with a shot of creative adrenaline to pump you up for the week!


Like GatesPlatform Updates

Facebook is removing like gates: Businesses beware, as Facebook will soon shut down the like-gate for pages.    This means that companies will need to get even more creative to incentivize people to like a page, enter a contest, or display tab content based on whether or not a person has liked a page. Well, maybe this will help companies get more sincere responses and feedback. What do you think? (Read More)







Twitter launches “flock to unlock”: Twitter launches the “flock to unlock” feature which incentivises users with branded content that is unlocked by retweeting. Puma is testing this new feature with their “Faster Forever” campaign that encourages fans to tweet at the sportswear brand to unlock its new ad spot 2 days prior to its TV debut. Let’s hope that this feature helps our businesses unlock more profits! (Read More)






LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content: Now you can personalize and test content in the newsfeed without having to place posts on your LinkedIn Company Page.  Direct Sponsored Content can help brands reach influential customers through personalized and targeted advertising. Are you excited to use this newest advertising product from LinkedIn? (Read More)



The OnionFacebook Testing ‘Satire’ Tags for Sites Like The Onion: While most people quickly identify news from satirical websites like The Onion as humor, some people believe the joke stories to be real.  To stop users from misbelieving, Facebook is testing a new feature that will segment “satire” news from real news by placing a tag marking it out as satire. Is Facebook calling us dumb or are users actually having trouble deciphering real from fake? (Read More)





Twitter testing promoted videos in Ad expansion: Following Facebook, Twitter too is expanding its ad offering with the new Promoted Videos, making it easier for brands to upload and distribute video on Twitter, as well as measure the reach and effectiveness of the content. With video being an incredible storytelling medium, we think this is a great addtion to the social network.  (Read More)



Case Studies/Campaigns





Levi’s incorporates social elements in new microsite: Levi’s is telling stories of its billion plus jeans wearers through interactive shoppable movie videos on it’s newly created microsite, allowing users to browse through the clothes worn by the young creatives in these videos and buy them in-store. In addition, the site invites people to submit their own Levi’s moments using the hashtag #LiveInLevis. An admirable effort to sell jeans, isn’t it? (Read More)




Introducing Drone-vertising: Don’t be surprised if you find an Ad flying mid-air right outside your window with a new form of advertising- Dronevertising! Russia had its first “drone-vertising” campaign for the ‘Wokker’ Asian restaurant chain, using drones to show off the fast food company’s rice and noodle dishes around high-rise business buildings. Maybe someday they’ll be delivering their food via drones. (Read More)






Lay’s Is Launching an Urban Picnic, Brought to You by Uber: Consumers that log onto Uber’s courier service app, UberRush, will be prompted by Lays to enter a special code, to win a free delivery of a picnic basket filled with Lays potato chip flavors that are finalists of the brands “Do Us A Flavor” contest. What a way to sample Lays! (Read More)







Fanta Pouring Big Bucks Into Vine Video Comedy Series Aimed at Teens: Fanta is debuting a new Vine-based social campaign, byteaming up with influential Vine users to make a comedy-series of videos called “Fanta For The Funny.” Let’s see if this 6 seconds to fame works well for Fanta. (Read More)






Heineken Campaign Offers Consumers Chance to Win Free Cab Ride: Heineken never fails to provide maximum experience to its customers, and it does so again with its new campaign where the beer brand has tied up with Star Cabs to give customers a free tour around London. All you need to do is buy a pint and download an app! (Read More)

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