At GYK Antler, culture breeds creativity. It’s why we embrace individuality and draw inspiration from our outside strengths. Whether it’s playing in a rock band or running a lifestyle blog, we believe that cultivating our passions allows us to better serve our clients. And because we still think, act and create as a unified team, the fusion of our unique talents and our collaborative spirit makes us ferociously effective.

Jeff— NH —Art & Copy

passionExploring books, projects, collections.

Brittney— NH —Account Services

passionIdeas. And their ability to come from anyone, anywhere.

Kate— MA —Account Services

passionDriving client success like Andretti in the Indy 500.

Haley— MA —Art & Copy

passionPutting a positive spin on life.

Deb— NH —Accounting

passionRevenue. Jewelry. And hair. The bigger the better.

Michael— NH —Strategy & Planning

passionBoston sports. Cue the duckboats.

Jess— MA —Digital Marketing

passionSelling people on things I love, like cats and Worcester.

Andrew— NH —Art & Copy

passionFirsts. If it’s new, it’s worth trying. The feeling never gets old.

Michael— NH —Executive

passionEudaimonia. And struggling to pronounce it.

Elaine— NH —Art & Copy

passionBeing created to create.

Ben— NH —Technology

passion404 Not Found.

Josh— NH —Video & Broadcast

passionKeeping it real.

Jess— NH —Human Resources

passionPuppies, prosecco, and pizza.

Carley— NH —Art & Copy

passionTaking risks. Once I rinsed and I didn’t repeat.

Matt— NH —Video & Broadcast

passionBullshit detection and elimination

Justin— MA—Content

passionDiscovery. At my computer and on my motorcycle.

Gregory— NH —Iron & Air

passionPutting ideas into action and seeing them come to life.

Danielle— MA —Art & Copy

passionHaving fun. All work and no play makes for a dull designer.

Lisa— NH —Iron & Air

passionTrusting the final destination, with or without direction.

Amy— NH —Business Development

passionCreating winning partnerships – like the finish line and a cold beer.

Scott— MA —Art & Copy

passionExploring, getting lost and finding my way back with a story to tell.

Peyton— NH —Digital Marketing

passionSeeing beauty in everything, especially National Parks.

Michael— NH —Iron & Air

passionTravel, because it’s the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Andrew— NH —Executive

passionGetting it done. It’s not always pretty but I jump through walls.

Evan— NH —Explorics

passionMaking sense of the complicated.

Mike— NH —Executive

passionPartnering with clients to achieve their business goals.

Georgiana— NH —Accounting

passionGood friends, good food, and sunshine.

Gloria— NH —Production

passionRecycling. I mean, what’s up with people who don’t recycle?

Nancy— NH —Production

passionBeing the voice of reason in an unreasonable world.

Nichole— NH —Media

passionMedia, the queen to creative’s king.

Rose— NH —Account Services

passionSharing Smiles – making someone’s day better!

Shayla— NH —Production

passionAdventure. Taking on challenges.

Cate— MA —Content

passionMaking magic everyday

Topher— MA—Production

passionBulldogs, pool parties, and working smarter not harder.

Kyle— MA —Production

passionGantt Charts. My whole universe is defined by these two words.

Lauren— NH —Art & Copy

passionStory-telling in all forms. Especially breaking down the dance floor.

Kailyn— NH —Media

passionNavigating through the Rubik’s Cube of media platforms.

Mikeal— NH —IT

passionNurturing creativity in myself and others.

Tori— NH —Video & Broadcast

passionCats, they make the Internet a worthwhile place.

Tim— NH —Production

passionSinging, photography, & quoting movies/TV religiously

Leslie— NH —Technology

passionBridging the gap between human and robot.

Dan— NH —Executive

passionStriving to prove that A is indeed A.

Jessie— MA —Digital Marketing

passionDoing/saying outrageous things followed by the data to back them up

Eric— NH —Facilities

passionKeeping people motivated.

Rian— NH —Iron & Air

passionMaking dreams come true.

Luke— NH —Business Development

passionEastern European basketball and being dad AF.

Michael— NH —Explorics

passionData. Seriously.

Michelle— NH —Accounting

passionFinding balance. It’s a happy day when everything is in alignment.

Deb— NH —Facilities

passionBrightening your day through laughter and clip art.

Lyndlee— NH —Account Services

passionEmbracing new adventures; the more spontaneous the better.

Lyndsey— NH —Production

passionKeeping things on schedule.

Alex— NH —Business Development

passionMaking connections.

Dan— NH —Video & Broadcast

passionGetting the shot. No matter what it takes.

Julia— NH —Account Services

passionEmbracing the detours, one NH exit at a time.

Jean— MA —Content

passionCreating to inspire. Oh, and lifting heavy things.

Mike— NH —Art & Copy

passionFighting against lazy stereotypes and the concept of “the fold.”

Jen— MA—Executive

passionFacilitating change by being bold, being brave and taking risks.

Alyssa— MA —Digital Marketing

passionSizing up the competition. Smack talk. That sort of thing.

Sophia— NH —Account Services

passionFostering lasting relationships.

Kristen— MA —Account Services

passionSolving problems via caffeine and kickoff calls.

Abbey— MA —Content

passionCommunication. It’s the foundation of collaboration.

Travis— NH —Executive


Helen— MA —Art & Copy

passionPhotoshooting/shopping the world one adventure at a time.

Mikaela— NH —Account Services

passionRunning client work by day and 5Ks by night.

Fran— NH —Executive

passionMaintaining a hardworking, laughter filled, stress free zone.

Jenn— MA —Production

passionKeeping projects moving, all while smiling and grooving.

Kelsey— NH —Account Services

passionBeing the agency gatekeeper. Also, puppies and cookies.

Madelyne— NH —Video & Broadcast

passionBeing authentic, celebrating creative expression, and my family.

Kelly— MA —Art & Copy

passionWords. Because they mean everything – literally.

Tina— NH —Human Resources

passionMaking people happy. If you’re happy I’m happy.

Lauren— NH—Account Services

passionExceeding expectations.

Luke— MA —Content

passionOrganic gardening and drums. You’ll know when I drop a beet.

Don— MA — Content

passionIt’s pronounced Gif

Christine— NH —Production

passionThe red pen, it’s mightier than the sword.

Joanne— NH —Art & Copy

passionTo reimagine – from new client projects to old antiques.

Angela— NH —Account Services

passionCombing through interior design magazines. Ocean waves. Namaste.

Nathan— NH —Strategy & Planning

passionWinter is coming, better strap in my snowboard.

Tyler— NH —Video & Broadcast

passionTrying things that absolutely terrify me.

Taryn— NH —Explorics

passionWearing many hats to get it done, even if my hair gets a little messed up in the process.

Jon— NH —Iron & Air

passionFreedom. And all the gear, bruises and stories that go with it.

Dustin— NH —Technology & IT

passionGadgets. Star Wars. And dispelling IT stereotypes.

Adam— NH —Iron & Air

passionProducing more than I consume.

Alex— MA —Account Services

passionPeople, puppies, and the power of positivity.

Drew— MA —Art & Copy

passionSeeking adventures. Sampling appetizers. Supplying answers. Supporting alliteration.