Free to
We’re Creative Entrepreneurs. The kind of people who don’t just march to the beat of a different drum, but make the drum themselves.
A group of independent thinkers, self-starters, free spirits, Emmy winners, artists, writers, directors, strategists, developers, rock stars (both figuratively and literally), CPAs, kilt enthusiasts, dog lovers, skateboarders, bread bakers, comic book nerds and kind, positive people.
Together there’s no problem we can’t solve.
Leading Our Entrepreneurial Charge.
We don’t care for the typical alphabet soup of agency titles.
Still, someone has to have their hands on the tiller, and these are those people.
Travis York.
Pam Hamlin.
Mark Battista.
Managing Director
Matt Doyle.
Executive Producer
Mike Gatti.
Executive Creative Director
Mike Stevens.
Exec Director of Strategy & Account
Fran Ferrara.
Chief Financial Officer
Paula Serafino.
Director of Integrated Media
Tina Yanuszewski.
Head of Talent & Culture
Luke Garro.
Director of Content
Leslie Pascual.
Director of Technology & Innovation
Nancy Boyle.
Executive Director of Operations
How We Roll.
No matter who you want to be,
we want you to be it.
We’re free to be ourselves, be risk-takers, be honest, be weird, be human, be creative, be disruptive, be different or be inspired.
In fact, the only thing we’re not free to be, is a jerk. Nice people only, please.
Free to Play.
With 2 different week-long agency-wide shutdowns every year — on top of your PTO — we offer plenty of time to unwind, disconnect, and recharge.
Free to Live Your Life.
There’s a whole lot of life that happens outside of work — most of it, in fact. So we make it a point to ensure there’s plenty of time to enjoy it.
Free to Roam.
You should work where you’re inspired. Whether it’s any of our three offices, a park bench, or somewhere else, we flex to your life and your needs.
Free to Bring Your Best Friend to Work.
A day without dogs is a day wasted, so we’re happy to welcome your four-legged friends in the office.
Our Perks.
It’s more than just delicious, nitro cold brew on tap — it’s that mythical “work/life balance” you’ve heard so much about. (But also yes, it’s delicious, nitro cold brew on tap.)
Creative Entrepreneurs Wanted.
Like what you see and want to be a part of it?
Drop us a line about any of these open positions that catch your eye.
IT Specialist
Manchester, NH
GYK Antler is looking for an emerging IT professional to serve as primary day-to-day help-desk resource for our 80+ employees.
Art Director
Manchester, NH or Boston, MA
GYK Antler is looking for a highly conceptual, detail-oriented Art Director to join our creative department.
As a fiercely independent modern marketing agency, Live Free or Die is more than just a motto.
It’s the philosophy we bring to every brand partnership, every project, and every problem we need to solve.
Because when you’re free to innovate, evolve, and create, death is never even an option.
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We're Creative Entrepreneurs
The kind of people
who don’t just march
to the beat of a
different drum, but make
the drum themselves.
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