The Secret To An Inbound Marketing Strategy That Sticks

You’ve just wrapped up the finishing touches on a wonderful piece of content you created and – click – it’s live. You publish the link across various social networks and wait for the views your content deserves… but it never comes.

Does this sound familiar?

The problem is that the social channels you’re promoting to, are the same places everyone else is. It’s a crowded space where everyone’s fighting for the same real estate. So crowded in fact, that often times a status update can become buried under newer updates within minutes, heck, sometimes even seconds after publishing.

This is a common problem marketers face, and the ultimate challenge is – how do we make our content stick?

Adding longevity to content is the ultimate challenge. The smaller your community is, the tougher you’ll find it is to get that initial bit of traction needed.

Below is a SlideShare I’ve put together outlining the problem, and the one thing that’ll help you get it over the hump. I’ve also included examples of companies who’ve learned how to add longevity to their content, ultimately increasing visibility, and driving a call-to-action.