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posted by Mike, Griffin York & Krause Account Services

Building a brand at 30,000 feet can’t be easy, but JetBlue seems to be onto something with their complimentary in-flight TV service. Sure, as a marketer I might be biased, but you can’t tell me that if there’s something on a television screen less than a foot away from you, that you wouldn’t watch it, at least briefly.

Not only does this service hit a home-run (yes, I have play-off baseball on the brain) with passengers, it also does something that virtually all brands are struggling to do these days; capture the undivided attention of their consumers. So let’s break this down:

Once you board the plane, scope it out, make your way past that guy who is taking WAY too long to clear the aisle, find your seat, stow your carry on, turn your cell phone OFF (or to airplane mode if you’re that technically inclined), you can’t use any “approved electronic devices” yet, and so all you’re left to think about is if the plane will depart from the gate on time. So what better way to pass a few minutes than look at the 6” TV screen on the headrest in front of you. Just so happens that it’s looping a corporate branding video that’s telling you what “Jetting” is. If you’re already familiar with this term, well, consider it brand reinforcement.

So you’ve watched the loop once and you’re bored. Now what? Naturally you look out the window only to see other JetBlue aircrafts docked at their terminals. If you’re at all like me and appreciate clever or witty humor, then you’ll probably notice the one liner on the bottom of the fuselage, “Blue is so you,” and “Betty Blue” are two that stuck for me (don’t ask why). Coincidence, I doubt it. Congratulations JetBlue, you just held

at JetBlue, Branding is top of mind ... and side of plane

JetBlue branding is everywhere you look

my attention for 30 continuous seconds, something even the best brands are having a hard time with.

So am I an official “Jetter” now? Well, according to the interactive quiz on JetBlue’s micro-site,, I am. I had a leather seat, plenty of legroom and a whole can of soda…just like “Jetting” said I would, so I can’t complain. Although, every time I heard the infamous “Ding” I couldn’t help but to think of how somebody just booked a new low-fare through Southwest (sorry JetBlue).

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