Trendspotting: Mobile Apps Finding Consumers … Literally.

posted by Brady, Griffin York & Krause Business Development

When Apple launched the iPhone they significantly raised the bar in terms of the mobile phone experience in the US.  Other countries have long led the way but recently Apple took things even further here by creating a new platform and encouraging the public to develop and sell mobile applications. The next evolutionary leap for mobile applications is just around the corner as location-based software promises to recognize not only what consumers want, but where they are as well.

Brands have realized that by associating themselves with mobile applications they can further develop their relationship with consumers.  One example is an application developed by 7th Generation, a company that sells environmentally-friendly household cleaning products.  Their application allows consumers to easily research competitive product ingredients.

"Carticipate" allows iPhone users to find carpool and ride-share info on the go

"Carticipate" allows iPhone users to find carpool and ride-share info on the go.

A number of companies are taking advantage of mobile GPS and developing location-based applications.  The opportunities to leverage this technology are endless and I’m sure we will see many brands attempting to do so in the near future.  Here’s an interesting article about some of the location-based social networking applications on the market today.

Soon you’ll be walking by Starbuck’s and a text message will remind you it’s time for a caffeine fix.  If you’re interested, your phone may also tell you if the person sitting on the couch next to you is looking for love.  It’s coming soon.

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