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Changing the way the world works

A carefully crafted identity for a carefully crafted brand

The Pivot Point: For a creative staffing company used to taking care of business, taking care of themselves was long overdue.

As one of the biggest creative staffing agencies for Fortune 500 companies in the world, Aquent came to GYK Antler with an unlikely task: redefining and developing its own brand identity. We drew inspiration from Aquent’s rich history of creativity, and departed from the standard staffing industry branding norms. Instead, we developed a bold, authentic, and differentiated brand narrative complete with a beautiful visual identity and resulting in a compelling brand platform that helped relaunch this tour de force in the creative staffing world.

Branding • Digital Marketing • Social Media • Website


Gaining consensus amongst a diverse group of stakeholders unto itself is a successful result. The true measure of success, however, was in being able to establish a unique point-of-view to the harshest critics Aquent was looking to attract: branding, creative and technological professionals.