Independent Spirit

Discovering variety within proximity

The Pivot Point: It was time to go from a state that was defined by “the old man of the mountain” (RIP) to one that appeals to everyone – especially all year-round.

When New Hampshire Travel and Tourism approached us about evolving their positioning and refreshing the brand’s look and feel while embracing modern marketing tactics, we knew it meant discovering how New Hampshire truly differed from surrounding states. The answer? Variety within proximity. This became the foundational strategy for refreshing the VisitNH brand—from new photography and video content, to public transportation takeovers and full-scale seasonal campaigns. We successfully created a new strategic positioning for the state, and continue to evolve “Live Free” from half of a state motto to a full way of life.

Branding • Content • Data & Analytics • Digital Marketing • Media Planning & Buying • Social Media • Video


For every $1 invested in media, $10 in rooms and meals tax revenue is returning. Our FY2015-2016 campaigns influenced 750,000 trips to New Hampshire, and $831 million in visitor spending. While our summer 2016 campaign shined, with 646 million media impressions and 1.7 million page views, our fall 2016 and winter 2017 campaigns drove a 12%+ increase of followers and expanded our awareness in new markets.