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Making the cloud less complicated

The Pivot Point: In preparation for a corporate restructuring, Rackpace needed to better understand who they were and what they stood for.

Companies wanted the power of the cloud without the confusion of running it themselves. That’s where Rackspace, the world’s #1 managed cloud company and technology agnostic solution provider, came in. To best serve their consumers, Rackspace went above and beyond to ensure that from the top-down, everyone knew who they were and what they stood for. Through interviews with the founder, leadership team, customers and stakeholders, we were able to refine the brand’s positioning and guidelines in a way that established a unified vision and clearly informed all “Rackers” on how to deliver fanatical support with consistent messaging at all times.



Rackspace successfully transitioned from public to private, committing to the independent spirit that helped the company take flight in the first place.

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