Amp your Aura

Your aura isn’t around you, it’s on you

The Pivot Point: The Mountain wanted to go from establishing itself within the e-commerce space, to the big next step—acquisition.

Whether you’re looking to rep your college team or slap a huge pug face on your shirt, The Mountain is one apparel company that lets you own who you are—and wear it proudly. Knowing they wanted to be more than an apparel brand, The Mountain came to GYK Antler looking for ways to turn their brand into a movement of self-expression. GYK Antler created the Amp Your Aura campaign to do just that. By refreshing and redesigning the brand’s look and feel, we worked to define The Mountain as a company that believes a shirt can be a canvas, a brand can be art, and the people wearing it can radiate an entire aura.

Branding • Content • Digital Marketing • Social Media • E-commerce Website (Europe)


Almost 30% increase in direct-to-consumer online sales, ultimately leading to the brand’s acquisition. We actually ended up hiring the retail CEO to run our digital marketing team and continue to replicate our shared success with other clients.