NH Lottery “Are You Game?” Campaign featured in Adweek

The thought of winning big in the lottery feels larger-than-life – almost surreal, right? All the anticipation and excitement of scratching that last spot on your ticket or seeing your lucky number come up, with a big ol’ jackpot just waiting to be claimed. 

A new campaign from the New Hampshire Lottery and GYK invites prospective players to join in on the excitement, the energy, and the endless amounts of fun the lottery has to offer, asking them one simple question: “Are You Game?”

The team created a larger-than-life Wipeout-style game show set, highlighting scratch tickets, KENO 603 and iLottery – just a small sampling of the numerous and rapidly growing list of ways people can experience the NH Lottery for themselves. This is meant to reinforce that no matter who you are or how you like to play, NH Lottery has a game for you. 

In a series of three TV spots, local comedian Juston McKinney serves as the “host” of the “Are You Game?” experience, featuring three enthusiastic contestants.

  • In the “Scratch Ticket” spot, our contestants struggle with the tension of the bungee cord attached to their bodies as they attempt to launch themselves onto a massive 7.25-foot tall by 5-foot-wide scratch ticket to be the first person to scratch and reveal three “Win” icons. 
  • In the “Keno 603” spot, our contestants roll down a 70-foot sloped ramp – while inside a giant zorb ball –onto an oversized Keno 603 board, with the goal of being the only player to land on one of the 20 highlighted numbers. 
  • In the “iLottery” spot, which highlights one of the Lottery’s many online games (allowing enthusiasts to play anytime they want from their mobile phone, computer, or tablet), our contestants race through a branded inflatable obstacle course while trying to evade a Joker before playing the Queen of Diamonds e-instant game on the big screen. The first to reveal three Queens is the victor.

The campaign comes to life via TV, radio and social media, with host Juston McKinney adding his signature energy to radio spots across the state.

View the work in Adweek’s AgencySpy.

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